What do I need to do now ?


Please contact Manchester Miss Brown via email



Adding the following:


  • Likes and dislikes

  • location required IE: London or Manchester

  • interests

  • Any health concerns

  • Amount of time you wish to see Mistress Brown  for


I will then require a confirmation phone call so that I know you are  genuine, no land lines or witheld numbers please.


Please note: I am a very busy Mistress so leave a message.


If you are making an appointment to see me in London or Glasgow and I have never seen you previously, a deposit is required.


Expectations ?


You are seeing a professional, discreet and clean Mistress. I expect the same in return.

General etiquette and rules will be exlained upon arrival, please dont worry though, I am approachable and love a good chat prior to your session and a nice coffee afterwards.



Contact Manchester Miss Buffy Brown


Instructions after you have made a booking 


Once Mistress Brown has confirmed a time and date for your session you will be required to call her from a mobile phone for a BRIEF chat.  All details of sessions should be emailed to Mistress Brown, inclusive of relevant information to your session.

If you’re going to be dressed Mistress Brown needs all your sizes and shoe size.

If you have an illness that requires monitoring you must disclose this IE: Diabetes

If you are driving please ensure you have change for the car park.

The postcode can be given to you upon request 48 hours prior to your booking .

You MUST call Mistress Brown on 07958138866 before 10am the morning of your appointment (unless arranged otherwise) with a pen ready; at this point you will be given further travel instructions.

If you do not ring by 10am, the appointment is considered cancelled.

Any problems please call me.

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