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By buffybrown, May 21 2017 10:20AM

Good Morning class,

Headmistress Brown will be offering annual reviews of attainment at her bespoke office in Eccles all week. If you have not been for your annual attainment review then it’s time to book your slot by emailing

Your attendance and performance will be the focus of the review and punishments will be delivered to those students whom are producing less than satisfactory results.

Headmistress Brown.

By buffybrown, May 20 2017 07:24AM

Manchester Spanking party

Where? At Manchester’s finest Corporal Punishment and Domestic play space, which houses the highest and most luxurious equipment

When? 4th July 11-5pm the day will be split in to two parts to cater for all your needs, although it is anticipated most attendees will stay all day.


£150 for a half day (one session) with lunch

£250 for a full day

The morning session is 11 am till 1pm and the main objective is to punish the wayward boys and those lacking in discipline. you may choose how you are dealt with and your desires will be agreed via email. prior to attendance. However, you will have approximately a 15-minute slot and your punishments will be witnessed by the other miscreants and professional ladies (a full list is at the bottom of the page)

Possible options:

5 minutes spanking, 5 minutes with an implement and a final caning.

15 minutes over the knee

A slippering then caning

A judicial caning

This is just an example of possible scenarios.

There will then be a light lunch available from 12.45 to 1.30

The morning only participants may stay for lunch and leave when the afternoon session starts, equally the afternoon participants may enjoy a light lunch at 1pmprior to the afternoon session.

The afternoon session will start at 1.30 pm and each participant will have a ' round card ' there will be 5 girls and each gent will get 15 mins with each lady, a total of 75 mins play time . You can negotiate how you spend your 15 mins, however it is suggested 5 mins Spanking, 12 strokes of an implement and 6 cane strokes , just ensure that it suits both you and your submissive. Miss Brown will be watching!!! If you're not playing you have an opportunity to watch as this is an ' open party ' no doors will be closed.

Unlike a traditional party there is no opportunity to Switch as the morning session will cater for the switches, so please don't ask.


Miss Buffy Brown (Domme )

Mistress Eclipse ( Domme)

Miss Kitty

Miss Melissa Greyton

Miss Donna

Miss Melody

Miss Sandra

By buffybrown, Mar 29 2017 03:39PM

Auntie Bea sent me a message that she was very busy on Saturday, my birthday but to come and see her on Tuesday morning as there was a surprise waiting for me. I spoke to Auntie and arranged to be there at half past nine in the morning.l set off with plenty of time to spare ,l didn't want to be late,or early. l learnt my lesson about being early only a few weeks before l turned up about ten minutes before l was due and got a ten minute hairbrushing on my bare bum over auntie's knee and a scolding about good timekeeping,but that's another story .

        I realised l was going to be late when l turned off the M6 towards Auntie's and the dual carriageway was at a standstill,it's 4 miles from the junction to her house, I'd been sat in traffic now for 10 mins l looked at my watch 9_15 l was going to be late , l texted Auntie and explained about traffic and got a text back it just said Dearie me ,l knew immediately what that meant

     I arrived 9 minutes late  knocked on the door an waited Auntie opened the door and told me that she didn't like to be kept waiting l should have set off in enough time and instead of the nice surprise l was going to get she would have to teach me some manners about keeping people wanting so it was straight in to the front room  where the  dinning chair had been placed auntie took hold of my ear sat on the chair pulled my shorts and pants down to my knees pulled me over her knee and asked my how late l was l told her ten minutes, Auntie then said that l was spending the next 10mins getting the black ebony hairbrush to remind me to be punctual l was close to to tears when l was told to get off Auntie's knee pull my pants up and go to the kitchen and we would have a chat and a coffee .

                    Aunty Bea told me that she had planned for us to have a nice morning and as l was due a maintenance spanking that she would not check my Twitter account as she thought it might get me in serious trouble.Auntie told me to go into the front room and get ready ,l went and took my clothes off and stood in the corner hand's on head ,l hadn't noticed before but Auntie's bag of implements was on the otterman. Auntie came in and sat on the chair and told me to eat over her knee and started to spank me it felt wonderful stingy but at the same time nice whenever I'm over her knee getting handspanked l feel safe after a few minutes the spanks began to eat harder n harder Auntie certainly knows how to spank me all the time l was being asked about what l had been getting up to since l had last seen her . I was then told to eat up , Auntie sat on the couch and told me to get over her knee,l l could see the little hairbrush bathbrush and auntie's antique black hairbrush, she told me that it was time for my maintenance spanking and if l was good and took it well l would get my birthday surprise , Auntie started with the hairbrush l started to count them auntie told me l didn't have to count as she wasn't letting me off her knee untill my bum was  bright red  true to her word l got all three brushes not once but three times . Auntie told me to get up and stand in front of her she then told me that my spanking was over  and gave me a cuddle but l still had to take my punishment for being late and to bend over the chair . I was told that because l was 9mins late that l was going to get a strapping Auntie chose three straps and l was to get 30 with each and to count them , l lost count after about 12with the first strap and auntie told  me that we would have to start again l nervously laughed and was asked why l was laughing l said  l wasn't, but Auntie asked me again why l was laughing l said l wasn't Auntie came close to me and said you know what happens to boys who tell fib's and left me on my own a few minutes later Aunty Bea came back and said you know what happens next open wide l opened my mouth and washing up liquid was squirted in to my mouth  l was told not to spit it out , l had to swallow the lot while Auntie carried on my strapping,l was finished off with 30 with the Canadian prison strap Auntie told me to stand up and get in the corner hand's on head.

                    Auntie,said now it's time for your birthday surprise.l would let you know what my present was but l can't as it was my present . Auntie Bea told me that it was time for me to get ready to go home as she had a meeting to go to as l was just about to get dressed she came back into the room carrying two canes and said you didn't think you're going hope without your birthday stipes one for each year I'll start  with medium strokes and we'll build you up to nice firm ones but if you forget to count them they Will all be Hard . Auntie asked me how old l was then said that's a number l like 58 cane strokes later a very sore naughty nephew got a lovely cuddle from his very special Aunty Bea 

          Thank you Auntie Bea for a wonderful birthday naughty

                                      nephew K XXXXXXXXX

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